Tuesday, April 26, 2016

And Our Next Contestant Is....

Do you remember those classic television game shows of the past? The fun, the fanfare and especially the prizes? Have you ever wished that you could be in the audience of one of these games and maybe even be a contestant? Well, you don't have to catch the next plane to Studio City, California to be part of the excitement. Just visit the Harbor Beach Community Theatre on Saturday, May 7th for the annual Game Show series.

Though this will be the 6th year for the series, the inspiration for presenting such a show stems back to over 20 years ago.  "I was the youngest of 4 children" states Clark Ramsey, host and producer of the show. "We grew up watching all the classic game shows."

When thoughts were tossed around about to raise funds to support Harbor Beach's  Maritime Festival, Clark proposed the game show idea. The first year him and his crew presented their takes on Minute To Win It and Pyramid. The crowd response was phenomenal.

Photo courtesy of the Harbor Beach Game Show series
To capture the feeling of the classic television games shows of the 1970's a crew of 35 spends 600 hours in preparation for the show. For this year's presentation the sets of Match Game '76 and Password Plus were recreated to appear identical to the way they looked on the TV back in the day.  To set up the video monitors that are located throughout the theatre for the show alone uses over 1075 feet of HDMI cable.

Even with all the attention to detail and practice that goes into the production and presentation, the show itself is all about spontaneity of a live production. Clark tells me "We have $1500 in cash prize to give away. We call contestants up from the audience."

"We want people smiling from the moment they get out of their car and enter the theater and laughing to the time they get home" he added.

Photo courtesy of the Harbor Beach Game Show series
To add to the feeling that you are in a time machine that has landed you in the era of leisure suits, mood rings and 8 track tape players, the show also presents classic skits from the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and a variety of vintage commercial breaks.

When I ask Clark what the audience should expect from the show he says "Near tears crying...from laughter."

General admissions tickets for show are available for $10 each. There's also a limited number blocks of premium reserved seats are available too. Contact the box office at 415-915-9539 or visit the Harbor Beach Game Show Series Facebook page more information

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