Monday, June 12, 2017

Fun For Fathers Day Weekend

Father's Day is this Sunday. If you're like me, you are probably still racking your brain about what to get dear old dad. You don't want to be "that person" who goes for the old standbys like a tie or something like that. There's the dilemma of figuring out what he may want though. I don't know how many times I've tried to find hints of something he might want but most of the time he pretty much says "I have everything in the world I need."

The solution? Why not take him out and spend some time with him this weekend. The Blue Water Area has a few things going on that might be right up his alley.

Does pops like to turn the music up loud when there's some classic rock playing? The village of Lexington has something that will get him to say "Turn It Up" this Saturday

John Waite first made a name for himself as the lead singer of the Babys. With classic rock standards such as "Head First", "Isn't It Time", "Every Time I Think Of You", "Back On My Feet Again" and "Midnight Rendevous", his voice had made an indelible mark on the rock-n-roll scene with the band in the late 70's and early 80's. Following his departure from the groupband he continued to make smash hits as a solo artist and with Bad English.

John be performing many songs from his long and illustrious career at the Lexington Village Theater this Saturday.

If taking pops to Lexington, why not make the day of it? You can take him on a trip back to time by pulling up to the Lakeside A&W on the village's main street and having the car hops come up, take your order and bring it back to your window. The weather looks great for the weekend so the old man and you can even enjoy a frosty mug of famous root beer on the restaurant's patio.

After grabbing a bite to eat this Saturday afternoon the Lexington A&W this Saturday take a stroll with pops out back of the place and check our the Antique Tractor Show going on from 10am-5pm. Equipment from the early days of agricultural machinery all the way up to modern times will be on display throughout the grounds.

If dad is "car guy", he might also get a kick out the vintage rides at the Classic Car Show in Lexington that's happening at the A&W on Sunday too.

When you're young your dad is bigger than life. And what should a bigger than life fellow have? A big truck, right?

This Saturday there will plenty of big rig on display for the big man at the Harbor Beach Truck Show. From the super semi's that ply the highways to the trusty work horses that run the back roads, trucks of all shapes and sizes with buffed and shined to show off. Who knows, maybe you can even talk someone into letting your dad up in the cab so he can blow the horn.

Find out about more things happening this summer around the Greater Port Huron area at our events page.

Happy Father's Day!

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