Monday, August 29, 2016

Taking A Walk Around Lexington

Located less that 30 miles north of Port Huron, the Village Of Lexington, Michigan mixes the charm of a small coastal town with the lush greenery of the country. It's a perfect place for those who want to relax at a laid back pace and enjoy the fresh air and beaches, but it's bustling shops, parks, harbors and theater also show that the town is hopping with fun things to do.

We recently took a walk around Lexington, stopped in a few places and enjoyed the day. Here's some of the sights we took in.

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When my kids were little, they always made sure that we stopped at Crazy Joe's Beach Shop before any place else in Lexington. They HAD to say to the hermit crabs, check out the colorful beach gear and, of course get a bright colored shirt to have as wearable souvenir of their visit.  They're a bit older now but it is now a tradition for me to make it my first stop when visiting Lexington in the summer to. Yes, to say hello to the hermit crabs as well as the other things that I already mentioned.

Another thing that we always like to do during a summer day in Lexington is to walk the breakwater of their harbor. First though we decided to stop in at the Lexington Village Pub for a snack and sip.

Located in the building that also houses the Lexington Village Theatre, the Village Pub offers an eclectic mix of eats and drink. It's mix of brick and wood ambience balances the old school small town flavor with a modern flair. The theatre itself has become a destination for music fans of all sorts and has become renown for every seat in the house having a great view and impeccable acoustics.

We then headed east down Huron St. towards Lake Huron. The shoreline features the first harbor of refuge north of Port Huron along with the Windjammer restaurant and Tierney Park which hold a lot of the village's summer events.

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The harbor is protected by a north breakwater roughly 1,900 feet in length and a 700 feet long south breakwater. This breakwater has a walkway so if strolling the whole thing to the end in back gets a person close to a mile done in any walking regiment.

Once reaching the farthest point of the breakwater it is time to take in the vast amount of blue that surrounded us.

Then our feet led us back up to Huron Avenue to check out the many shops that dot the Lexington's downtown area such as Angel's Garden, Weekends, Beatrice, Noble and many more.

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For a couple generations now the Lexington General Store is a must stop for anyone wanting to please a sweet tooth. Of course we stopped in. Not only is the old fashion candy counter a treat, the store also stocks many other specialty food items, cook books, fun gifts and much more.

Michigan is famous for taking a major part in the craft beer movement, with many town both big and small having at least one microbrewery serving up local flavors. Lexington is no exception. Located in the village's one time courthouse, the Lexington Brewing Company and Wine House has eight taps of their in house brews always flowing. It was hard to choose just one to try so the flight option offering a variety of tasty sips.

Their wines have also received many accolades including their Pinot Noir which took the silver medal at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition in 2012.

If you're looking for a fun day over this Labor Day weekend, don't forget that Thumbfest is happening in Lexington this Saturday, September 3rd. The all-day, all-free bash of music on multiple stages throughout the town of Lexington is a tradition in the village now when it comes to capping off another great summer Whether you're in the mood for Celtic, blues, bluegrass, gypsy , New Orleans brass, Americana, roots, folk and a whole lot more, this event has you covered. There are also workshops, jams, street parties and more, so bring your lawnchair and your friends and family.

To find out more about Lexington and the entire Blue Water Area be sure to Discover The Blue here.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Riding With The Lady

We recently took a voyage with the Lady. The Huron Lady II river cruise to be exact.  The 1.5 hour cruise takes place in the St. Clair River then goes under the two Blue Water Bridges into Lake Huron.  
Here's some of the sights we saw via our Instagram.

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The tour is narrated and focuses on the history of the area, local sights and the significance of shipping on the Great Lakes. The Huron Lady tour boat is ideal for summertime tours of the Blue Water Area in Port Huron.

Check out more of what you will see on the Huron Lady river cruise here as as well.

To find out more about the Huron Lady cruises visit their website here or call 810-984-1500 for more information.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Port Huron Is Awesome

Joel Heckaman of the Awesome Mitten was in Port Huron to check out the sights for one of their Mitten Trips this past weekend.

A full article of his adventures will be on their website soon but throughout the weekend both the Awesome Mitten and Joel's own Instagram page posted updates of where he was at. Let's take a look at some of the things he saw.




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