Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Lexington and Marine City Picked As Weekend Road Trip Destinations

Recently the Metro Times published a list on 21 weekend road trips for when you need to escape Detroit.  Among the more of well known destinations for one tank trips like Ann Arbor, Frankenmuth, Kalamazoo and Lansing, there were a few hidden gems. Two of those were the Blue Water Area communities.

Photo by Dale Merrill
Describing Lexington as a "community of cottages and kitsch on the shores of Lake Huron", the article mentions the village's shopping district, the wine making at 3 North Vines and the Blue Water Winery, the step back in time feeling a person gets when grabbing a bite to eat at the A&W as well the many concerts Tierney Park and the Lexington Village Theater host.

Photo via The Mariner Theater
The Metro Times says Marine City is "everything you need for a relaxing afternoon is within a short walk of your car." The story makes mention of the many antique stores that dot the riverfront downtown district and their vibrant theater district (both live and motion picture.) There's also a special mention of the Sweet Tooth, because the vintage style candy shop garners a lot of votes in the paper's yearly “Best of Detroit” poll even though it's a little off the beaten path than most contenders.

See all of the Metro Times picks here

What are your favorite places and things in Lexington and Marine City? What would you add to the list?


  1. Beck's village cafe by far has the best food in Lexington. I highly suggest everyone try it! Delicious breakfast and lunch as well as many ice cream options! The business is seasonal I think they should be opening up soon for the summer!

  2. Zimmerman's meat market. Live in North Carolina now, but every time I head back to Michigan, I have to go there to stock up on good meat.

    1. I remember my Mom sending me there to get the order she had placed!

    2. Down here in NC too. Last time I went back my cousin stopped and picked me up 4 bolonga rings from Zimmermans for the ride back. Heading up this summer, can't wait

  3. great blog.

    Consider changing the name to "Do the Blue".

    An old marketing guy and Marine City native (so of)